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Make a garden, and your dreams come true.

The idea ist not new, hundreds of years ago in many different parts of the world people constructed the most sufisticated gardens. A garden con stimulate your fantasy, lets you fall into a dream and make you feel relaxed. What particular garden is it that You like? This will be our first question when we meet the first time. We shallput our inicial impression on paper und rediscuss together in order to accomplish the final design for your garden. Finally we shall present our quotation free of charge.

  • Fencing
  • Pergolas and gantries for climbers
  • Artificial turf
  • Cobblestone work with various types for walkways, terraces...
  • Drainage systems

Mediterranean Type Gardens

This is the most frequently desired garden in the Algarve. A colourful garden that has flowers and perfume all over the year and that is vertully growing from month to month. Mediterranean type plants can be found elsewhere under similar climatic conditions like in California, Southern Africa and in Australia. We see many examples that those plants have successfully been introduced to gardens in the Algarve.

Dry Gardens

If water is not available in sufficient quantities we can offer a dry garden with a lot of individual character. A wide range of dry resistant plants like Agave, Aloe, Fucrea, Opuntia and Cacti is applicable, known under the common name of succulents, they do not need irrigation water after they are established.